Academic Facilities

SHINE Center and Skill’s Lab.

The SHINE Center and Skill’s Lab are equipped with various human anatomical models and dummies of adults, children, and gynecological subjects that assist in simulation practice and allow for effective clinical practicums.

Fundamental Nursing Lab.

The Fundamental Nursing Lab is equipped with high-value equipment such as beds, wheelchairs, simulation dolls, CPR dummies, and IV pumping devices, as well as basic practice equipment such as disinfected forceps, sterilization kits, and bandages, that allow for bedbound nursing simulation and student practicums utilizing up-to-date medical equipment

Community Health Nursing Lab.

The SNU College of Nursing has a unique lab for Community Health Nursing with all the equipment needed for the creative work of the students. Kitchen, Toilet, Bedroom, and other utilities similar to the living quarters of community dwelling older adults are equipped so that students can practice better in a realistic setting.

Nursing Management Lab.

The Nursing Management Lab serves by providing practice for diverse nursing roles. The room has a treatment room and nursing station. Students can practice communication, staffing and organization in environments similar to current clinical settings.

Bionursing Lab.

The Bionursing Lab has PCR Machines, Gel image analyzers, blood bank refrigerators, and various human anatomical models that allow students to have a hands-on approach to lab work.

Computer Lab.

The Computer Lab serves by teaching statistics, Nursing Informatics, and other computer programs used clinically.

Multimedia Room

The Multimedia Room is a complex where students can surf the Internet through LAN connected computers, study at the provided tables, or look up information in the various journals, magazines, books, and other materials stored in the room.

Statistics Consulting Lab.

The Statistics Consulting Lab was established in 1992 to help researchers and students to use and apply statistical methods efficiently. This lab also assists students in analysis and management of research data with various statistical packages.

Exercise Room

The purpose of the Exercise Room is to promote the health of students and faculty members by providing various exercise machines and materials. The room is also used as a Lab for researchers who investigate the effects of exercise.