Practicum Facilities

Seoul National University Hospital

The Seoul National University Hospital, one of the leading tertiary care facilities in Korea, opened in 1885. Now it has 1,792 beds with high-tech medical instruments. Its services and programs include inpatient and outpatient care and consultations. The nursing students at the College of Nursing, SNU train in various units including kidney dialysis unit, maternity units, intensive care unit, and the operating room to enhance clinical knowledge and skills in the junior and senior years.

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital is opened in 2003 as an affiliated hospital with the Seoul National University Hospital. It was set up due to a rapid increase in demand for geriatric treatment and the government’s request for the establishment of a medical facility for local residents. It has 1,500 beds providing high quality medical and nursing care. The students practice in this hospital, especially for mental health nursing practicum.

Samsung Medical Center

Samsung Medical Center, which opened in 1994, has become one of the leading health care facilities in Korea by offering the finest quality of medical and nursing services. It has 1,965 beds, providing high quality patient care by comprehensive and truly multidisciplinary approaches through a harmonious mixture of patient care, education and research. The students practice in this hospital, especially for nursing management.

Asan Medical Center

Asan Medical Center is also one of the most prestigious tertiary care facilities in Korea. With an area greater than 8 million sq. ft. and with 2,791 beds, Asan Medical Center is the largest hospital in Korea. Since its establishment in June 1989, Asan Medical Center has made every effort to invest in research and clinical studies. Nursing students practice in this hospital for nursing management practicum.

Other Facilities

Gangbuk Public Health Center
Junggu Public Health Center
Jongno Community Mental Health Center
Junggu Community Mental Health Center
Eunpyeonggu Community Mental Health Center
Dongbu Senior Care Center
National Rehabilitation Center