SNU Nursing Program

The SNUCON Global program offers students a world of opportunities. SNUCON has signed MOUs with 15 universities in 6 countries around the world to provide talented students with global experiences.

International Exchange Partners

Consists of University, Contury
School of Nursing, Peking University China
Yanbian University of Science and Technology China
The University of Tokyo Japan
Oita University of Nursing and Health Science Japan
School of Nursing, Health Science University of Mongolia(HSUM) Mongolia
The School of Nursing of the University of Minnesota U.S.A
University of Cincinnati College of Nursing U.S.A
University of Illinois Chicago College of Nursing U.S.A
University of Iowa college of Nursing U.S.A
University of Maryland School of Public Health U.S.A
University of Michigan School of Nursing U.S.A
University of Washington School of Nursing U.S.A
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing U.S.A
School of Nursing, National Yang-Ming University Taiwan
Mahidol University Thailand
The Nursing Student Exchange Program

SNUCON has about 20 student exchange agreements. Students may apply to study at Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences, Chiba University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and University of California at Los Angeles as a visiting student.

Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences Summer Program
Students who visit Oita University in Japan have opportunities to compare facilities like hospitals and public health centers between Japan and Korea. Students visit rehabilitation centers and other facilities to encourage greater enthusiasm in their professional development and to receive training to understand sociocultural characteristics.
University of Illinois at Chicago Summer Program
A four week program including two weeks of didactic instruction in Cardiac Nursing and Pulmonary Nursing is provided. The program includes two weeks of related clinical nursing observation, emphasizing cardiac and pulmonary nursing with preceptors from the University of Illinois Medical Center and a College of Nursing clinical instructor and bilingual graduate teaching assistants.
University of California at Los Angeles Summer Program
Students have the opportunity to take summer courses at UCLA for one month. They can attend lectures on subjects such as American Culture and the American Healthcare System. Tours of the campus, the Ronald Reagan Medical Center and other hospitals are also provided.
SNU OIA(SNU Office of International Affairs) Program

The OIA provides services to international scholars and students at SNU, coordinating every step of their Seoul sojourn. From academic exchange agreements to social events, the OIA is creating linkages between the local and the global academic community.

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